Fix speaker cracking noise Dell Latitude 7490 7480

You might experience some noise when listen music or on a voice conference call. It seem like metal vibration causes the cracking sound.

DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I’m not a Dell technician. Please read user manual for how to open the laptop case. It would not void warranty for Latitude laptop.

The example sound.

Full song, problem starts at 1:15


The problem usually come from left speaker. After open the cover, there is a metal beneath the speaker, might cause the problem. Again don’t open the cover while the laptop is running.


I used 3M tape to between the metal and the speaker. Add more 3M tape between speaker and cover (I just use 1 side tape as It wouldn’t stick to the cover next time I open it).

The problem might come from the heat of SSD which cause the speaker foam overheat and broken.

After fixing problem.

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